Zoom Class Source Sheets and Recordings Spring 5780

Source Sheets


Shira Hochheimer June 1 Post Shavuos(Aft
Rabbi Goldberger Erev Shavuos(After conv
Shifra Rabenstein Rosh Chodesh Sivan(Aft
Shira Hochheimer May 24 Minhagim Shavuos
Janet Sunness Megillas Rus May 18(After
Rabbi Goldberger May 14(After conversion
Shira Hochheimer May 10(After conversion
Rabbi Goldberger May 7(After conversion)
Mindi Hauer May 5(After conversion)
Shira Hochheimer Sunday May 3(After conv
Mindi Hauer April 28(After conversion).m
Shira Hochheimer Sunday April 26(After c

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