WIT 5781 Summer Program and
3 Weeks Programming
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Meet our Summer Speakers

Mrs. Ruchama Alter is a former Canadian, now living in the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem. She received her BA in history and MA in Bible from the University of Toronto, and her teachers’ accreditation from the Board of Jewish Education in Toronto. She is a certified tour guide in Israel, as well as a lecturer in Israel and abroad. Ruchama has served as a guide on many of WIT's Missions to Israel. She loves to share her enthusiasm for Israel and its history. She and her husband are the proud parents and parents in law of 6, all of whom are involved in education and community affairs.  Her children and her grandchildren are her greatest joy.

Mrs. Shalvie Friedman grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. After receiving a BSC in Mathematics- she both studied and later taught at various seminaries in Israel.   She now lives in the UK where she is a senior educator for Aish UK and teaches Torah in Hasmonean High School. 

Rebbitzin Esti Hamilton has been a teacher and lecturer for almost twenty years. Having spent the first ten years teaching in seminaries all over Israel, she then moved to London with her family. Esti has a degree in psychology, and is a qualified teacher and she mainly teaches classes on spiritual growth, character building and relationships. She also writes articles for local and online magazines, as well as running support groups for parents with disabled children. 

Mrs. Chani Juravel has been teaching and counseling since 1983 and is the founding principal of Ateres Bais Yaakov School in Rockland County, NY.  She lectures in communities across America, focusing on relating lessons from Torah and prayer to parenting and self-growth. She received her BA in Psychology from Brooklyn College and her MSW from Fordham University.  In 2010 she founded the Lev V’Nefesh institute where she teaches on a daily basis providing invaluable  guidance  on ways to improve our spiritual and emotional health to an enthusiastic ever growing circle of  admirers and followers .  Chani lives in New Hempstead, NY with her husband Zev and their five delightful children.

Mrs. Aviva Orlian grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, graduating from Bais Yaakov High School.  She earned her B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Towson State University and her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College. She has been teaching a weekly Tanach class to women in Monsey, NY - she is currently teaching Sefer Tehillim. In addition, Mrs. Orlian has been a featured speaker for various community-wide women’s programming for the past 20 years.  She has been a presenter for the OU Women’s Initiative Simchas Torah and Counting Toward Sinai programs. Most recently she has been a presenter for the OU Women's Initiative Nach Yomi program.  Aside from her love and passion for teaching Torah, Mrs. Orlian is a practicing speech-language pathologist. Mrs. Orlian lives in Monsey, NY with her husband and children.

Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein received her B.A. in Judaic Studies from Stern College.  She went on to earn a Masters degree in School Administration from Johns Hopkins University.  She is a faculty member of the Rebbetzin Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah, Maalot Baltimore and Bais Yaakov of Baltimore. She resides with her husband and three children in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Mrs. Rickie Rabinowitz has lived in Eretz Yisroel for 35 years.  she is the founder, director, and lecturer of  "Chochmas Nashim"; Monday morning ladies learning program in Yerushalayim since 2004. She is also a therapist in Yerushalayim, treating individuals, couples, and families, specializing in trauma.

Mrs. Rivka Segal  has been involved in women's Torah education for over thirty five years.  She was born and bred in Baltimore and taught in Bais Yaakov of Baltimore High School and Maalot Seminary and was the Director of the Rebbetzin Frieda K. Hirmes Women's Institute of Torah.  She moved with her family to Israel fifteen years ago, and served as the Director of Programming at the OU Israel Center before becoming the Director of the Shlavim English program that works with Israeli schools and empowers the at risk population though mastery of English as a second language.  Her focus for the past ten years has been teaching women to find their personal spiritual empowerment in the book of Tehillim.  She teaches Tehillim to women in Jerusalem and all over the world.  She is the author of two books as part of the a series on Living Tehillim: Finding yourself in Tehillim. 

Rabbi Shmuel Silber is the Rav of Baltimore’s Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim and a member of the faculty of the Rebbetzin Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah.  Prior to coming to Baltimore, Rabbi Silber was the Assistant Rabbi of Congregation Shomrei Torah, in Fair Lawn, NJ. While at Shomrei Torah, he was also Director of Education for KOF-K Kosher Supervision, an international Kashrus agency based in Teaneck, NJ. Rabbi Silber received Semicha from Yeshiva University and in addition he has received a Masters degree in Secondary Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School.

Mrs. Jaclyn Sova moved to Baltimore from New York, where she taught Tanach at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls for seven years and currently teaches at the Beth Tfiloh High School and Bnos Yisroel High School. Jaclyn received a Master’s Degree in Jewish education and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Azrieli Graduate School for Jewish Education and Administration. In addition to teaching, Jaclyn lectures to various ages of women in the community.

Mrs. Ruhama Welcher has been teaching Torah to high school girls and women in London, the USA and South Africa for the past 17 years. She received a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation from Warwick University in England. She is the founder and director of the Teacher Training Academy and the Hazel Sasson Women's Learning Centre in Johannesburg. She lives with her husband and children in Johannesburg.