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WIT 5783 Summer Series
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lease note:  Rabbi Motzen will now be teaching on Wednesday, July 12th and Mrs. Rachelle Reingold will be teaching on Monday, July 10th. 


Meet Our Speakers



Mrs. Shalive Friedman grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and received her BSc in Maths and Finance from the University of South Africa. Shalvie has taught in high schools in Johannesburg, as well as at many seminaries in Israel. Shalvie currently lives in London where is a senior educator for Aish UK and teaches in Hasmonean Girls High School.

Amian Frost Kelemer loves learning, which is why she also loves teaching. She has a degree in Education and English Literature from Barnard College and an MS in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Amian has worked in the field of Jewish education for 30 years, first at the Center for Jewish Education in Baltimore and currently as the Director of Operating Programs at the Mayberg Foundation. In her free time, Amian enjoys family time, reading and playing violin. 

Mrs. Rivka Maron has a BA in holocaust studies from Michlalah Jerusalem College as well as a MA in Medieval Jewish History from Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University.  She is currently a PH.D Candidate in Early Modern Jewish History at University of Maryland College Park.  Her dissertation is on Rav Shemuel Aboab of seventeenth century Venice.  She currently teaches Jewish history at Bais Yaakov of Baltimore and WITS/Maalot. 


Rabbi Yisrael Motzen is the Rabbi of Ner Tamid in Baltimore. He is a graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinic College as well as Johns Hopkins University where he earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling. Rabbi Motzen became the rabbi of the synagogue in 2012, only the third rabbi to serve the congregation since 1961, when the synagogue opened at its present location. Since joining the synagogue, he has introduced numerous Torah classes, youth programs, special events, and holiday programs. Join him on Shabbat for his increasingly popular sermons,  which emphasize a positive approach to Judaism, practical applications of the Torah’s wisdom, and an authentic look at life. 

Mrs. Rachel Neuberger is a longtime Baltimore teacher who has taught women and young ladies in a number of venues - Bais Yaakov High School, WITS/Maalot since its inception, as well as WIT, and has frequently lectured in other communities. She continues to take great pleasure in her teaching as a kallah teacher and in many intimate one-on-one learning sessions for women. Her subject matter includes Tehillim, Jewish Prayer, Michtav M’Eliyahu and topics related to spiritual growth and Torah perspective.


Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein received her B.A. in Judaic Studies from Stern College.  She went on to earn a Masters degree in School Administration from Johns Hopkins University.  She is a faculty member of the Rebbetzin Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah, WITS/Maalot Baltimore and Bais Yaakov of Baltimore. She resides with her husband and three children in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Mrs. Rachelle Reingold is a native of Silver Spring, MD where she currently resides. Mrs. Reingold is the Judaic Department Chair at the Girls Division of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington where she teaches chumash as well. Mrs. Reingold feels that teaching Torah is her passion.  She is also on the faculty of WITS/Maalot Baltimore.


Rabbi Duvi Rubin is the Rav of Kehillas Ohr Yisrael, located in the Summit Park neighborhood of Baltimore. Since his hiring in 2019, he has helped transform a small basement minyan into a thriving young Kehilla of close to 120 families. He is a musmach of Yeshivas Ner Yisrael, a current member of its esteemed Kollel, and a 12th grade Rebbe in the Mechina of Ner Yisrael. 


Mrs. Chana Slavaticki is passionate about Jewish education, and has been teaching high school and adult learners for nearly twenty years. She currently teaches Judaic studies at the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School, and is the Director of the Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning. She also teaches at various Chabad centers throughout the United States. Chana holds a Master's Degree in Education, and specializes in curriculum development. She lives with her husband and children in Baltimore, MD

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