WIT Melave Malka, Motzei Shabbos, December 14, 2019


Meet Our Honorees:

Mrs. Rivka Diskind has been attending WIT programs since her return to Baltimore from Eretz Yisroel 6 years ago.  Mrs. Diskind is a mainstay in our classes as she attends WIT 5 days a week!  Both she and her family feel that WIT is the ideal way to spend her days as she truly loves to learn.  As a young girl, Mrs. Diskind would fall asleep to the sound of her father, Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky’s z’tl learning.  While raising her family, she would strengthen her knowledge by learning parsha every week before Shabbos. WIT is fortunate to have Mrs. Diskind as an active participant in our classes.  Her thirst for knowledge and commitment to continued growth make her a role model for us all!


Sarah Leipnik, a native Baltimorean, has been attending WIT classes since she returned from seminary.  She then joined as a member of our Young Women’s Division and over time has become a General Member and an active member of WIT’s Board of Directors.  Sarah’s commitment to personal growth is what drives her dedication to WIT.  As a working mother of 3 children, Sarah appreciates any time she is able to carve out to attend a class and to be inspired.  Sarah’s involvement on our Board of Directors is a testament to her desire to have WIT continue to be a vibrant organization for many years to come.  Sarah always offers vital insight on recruitment and programming. In addition, she can often be found at our registration table, greeting attendees with her warm, welcoming smile.   WIT is privileged to have a member as committed as Sarah.  She is a woman we can all emulate!

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